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401k & 403b Plans

Minich MacGregor Wealth Management acts as a fiduciary advisor for a number of plan sponsors that are our clients. We are committed to setting the standard and raising the bar for retirement plans.

Many plan sponsors enlist the expertise of retirement plan professionals to implement prudent processes. At MMWM, we believe in holding retirement plan professionals to the same high standard as plan sponsors. This is why we recommend hiring an advisor with fiduciary responsibility in writing at both the plan and participant levels.

About Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries

Plan sponsors are responsible for providing and overseeing retirement plans. They are held to the highest legal standard with respect to all aspects of the plan. Plan sponsors are responsible for selecting the vendors, investment options and plan design. They must also provide the plan participants information and education.

Choosing a Fiduciary Advisor like Minich MacGregor Wealth Management ensures a relationship of trust, a commitment to excellence, and a process that prioritizes data-driven decisions and transparency in the best interest of both plan sponsors & participants.


Analysis Before Design


Thorough Analysis
of Existing Plan

Our process starts with an in-depth examination of your existing plan, scrutinizing every aspect, including the plan structure, processes, vendors, and participant success.


Benchmark Assessment

Following the analysis, we provide the sponsor with a comprehensive benchmark derived from independent data. This benchmark measures the plan against its peers, offering valuable insights into its performance.



With the analysis in hand, we carefully evaluate whether adjustments are prudent for optimizing the plan’s effectiveness. Our recommendations are rooted in data-driven decisions and aligned with the best interests of both sponsors and participants.


The Fiduciary Advantage

Unified Commitment
to Excellence

By employing a Fiduciary Advisor, you extend the gold standard of care from plan sponsors to retirement plan professionals, fostering a unified commitment to excellence.

Uphold the Highest
Standard of Care

Fiduciary Advisors adhere to the highest legal standard of care, ensuring meticulous oversight and responsibility for every aspect of retirement plans.

Thorough Analysis for Informed Decision-Making

Fiduciary Advisors employ a comprehensive analysis process based on ISO 9000 standards. This ensures a detailed examination of the existing plan, process, vendors, and participant success.

Based on Data

Fiduciary Advisors determine whether adjustments are prudent after a thorough analysis, ensuring that any recommendations are based on data and align with the plan’s objectives.

Independent Benchmark Analysis
is Best Practice

The DOL recognizes independent benchmark analysis as a fiduciary best practice. This analysis is necessary in order to know if changes or updates to the plan are in the best interest of the sponsor and the plan’s participants.

Vendor Neutrality for
Conflict-Free Advice

Fiduciary Advisors operate on a fee-only basis, eliminating conflicts of interest. This neutrality extends to vendor selection, ensuring recommendations are in the best interest of the plan sponsor & participants.


Have you had an independent benchmark analysis of your plan within the last 2 to 3 years?

Benchmark Report

Have us create yours.

After a plan benchmark report, outcomes usually fall into one of three categories: Your plan is either on track with minimal adjustments needed, mostly on target with some small adjustments recommended, or reveals significant areas for improvement and/or compliance attention.

Your Financial Advisors

James Minich

RIA Principal,
Portfolio Manager

Jason MacGregor

RIA Principal,
Portfolio Manager

Cory Laird


Mark Landau


Andrew Pallas


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