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Our Process

The MMWM Value

Here at Minich MacGregor Wealth Management, our commitment begins with understanding what is important to you and what you want to achieve with your money. Once we have that understanding, we work to develop strategies that will enable you to achieve the kind of retirement and lifestyle you want.

How Our Process Works

Our 4-Step Process is about you, and helping you achieve your financial & retirement goals.

Our 4-Step Process is not just a plan; it’s a collaborative roadmap that we continuously monitor and adapt to ensure your goals are achieved and your dreams become a reality. Your financial success is our priority, and we’re here to navigate the journey with you.


Getting Acquainted
with You

Every client we work with is one-of-a-kind with their own goals for the future. The first step is getting to know you, so we clearly understand where you are in life, where you’ve been, and where you’d like to be. Once we know more about you, your situation, and your goals, we can identify the ways we can help you.


Designing Your
Financial Plan

Everyone should have a plan to guide them in helping them reach their retirement goals. With your goals in mind, our team of experienced advisors and planners will design a plan for you that includes an investment strategy, and a distribution plan to minimize taxes and maximize social security benefits.


Systematic Execution
of Your Plan

When we have reviewed your needs and designed your plan to your specifications it is time to put the plan into practice. You can trust our team is working hard to set the plan in motion.


Continuous Monitoring of Your Plan

We will continuously meet with you and review your needs and goals. We will ensure that we are staying on track to try to fulfill your dreams. We will modify the current track to stay better in line with any changes you may have.

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