Life takes place in stages.  What’s right for one moment may not be right for the next.  A solid financial plan should reflect your changing needs and goals.  At Minich MacGregor Wealth Management, we take a holistic approach to financial planning that takes into account your stage of life, your goals and how one financial decision can impact the next decision, the next, and so on.

  • Stage 1 is Wealth Accumulation.  The focus is on portfolio growth.  This stage requires a proactive, well defined, written investment strategy that is continuously being executed and refined.  
  • Stage 2 is Approaching Retirement.  If you are planning to retire within the next one to three years, your retirement plan needs to change accordingly.  You will be shifting from wealth accumulation to wealth distribution mode.  Determining where to draw your retirement income from first and how to generate future income are part of the plan.  
  • Stage 3 is Retirement.  This stage presents different financial challenges and there is little room for error.  Navigating choices such as when to turn on a pension or draw Social Security, projecting the tax implications of your decisions, along with the ever present “will I outlive my money?” question. These are just a few of the topics that are very important in creating and executing a good financial plan. 

We take a team approach in helping our clients navigate the different life stages. Utilizing decades of experience, some of the industry’s best analytics and software planning tools, helps bring these three stages of your life into focus with a clear, concise roadmap to follow in the years ahead.

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