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Retirement Planning

This stage of your life presents different financial challenges, and there is little room for error.

At Minich MacGregor Wealth Management, we guide our clients through the intricate landscape of retirement, ensuring a secure financial future by offering expert assistance in creating and executing a holistic financial plan.

Navigate Financial Choices with
Expert Guidance from MMWM

Whether you’re envisioning your retirement’s early stages or fine-tuning details, Minich MacGregor Wealth Management assists in making informed decisions about pension activation, Social Security, income optimization, tax minimization, and healthcare costs.

We Help You With Things Such As:

Distribution Strategy Planning

Establish a distribution strategy that helps determine which “buckets” of money to use first as you begin to take distributions. Where a retiree draws their income from can have substantial tax implications.

Income Enhancement Solutions

Find ways to increase your income during retirement potentially. To enjoy the retirement lifestyle you want, you need income to fund it. We constantly look for ways to boost your income, so you never need to worry about outliving your money.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Explore possible ways to lower your taxes during retirement. It helps you keep more of your retirement savings to use in retirement.

Social Security and Medicare Analysis

Assist you with the analysis of Social Security and Medicare strategies. There are hundreds of different strategies and healthcare costs can be some of the largest people have in retirement. We can help you make a good decision.

Find Out if You Are On Track to Meet Your Retirement Plan Goals

Your Financial Advisors

James Minich

RIA Principal,
Portfolio Manager

Jason MacGregor

RIA Principal,
Portfolio Manager

Cory Laird


Mark Landau


Andrew Pallas


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