An Active Approach to Portfolio Management

We take an active approach to portfolio management.  The decisions we make for our clients are based on a comparison of risk tolerance versus performance, investment mix, distribution across market sectors, asset allocation and client objectives.   Our approach is non-emotional and goal-oriented.  We do not believe in a “buy and hold” approach nor do we make immediate reactions based on market conditions.

There are many reasons why people decide to hire a professional advisor to manage their assets. Typically when we meet with people, our discussion includes some of the following topics:

  • Developing a personalized investment plan that provides a non-emotional, goal-oriented, calculated approach to investing
  • Maximizing a portfolio’s growth while respecting the client’s acceptance of volatility or aversion to risk
  • Utilizing discretionary authority allowing us to execute changes to portfolios when a timely reaction is needed as a result of current market conditions
  • Taking on the time commitment involved with monitoring and managing a portfolio
  • Using Relative Strength to measure the supply and demands of securities allowing us to make informed, disciplined decisions as opposed to knee-jerk reactions
  • Our professional advice and years of experience can sometimes help to reduce the stress and emotion that is often associated with investing
  • Proactively managing current 401k / 403b accounts
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