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The WealthCast presents:

Interest Rates


Today’s podcast is hosted by co-owner, Jason MacGregor and Cory Laird, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. The topic of this episode is interest rates. The interest rates have been increasing and there has been a lot of talk surrounding the topic. What does this mean for you?

Show Notes

  • Interest rates and the 10 year treasury note is now at 1.75%. (01:27)
  • Impact of the rising or falling 10 year treasury note. “What impact does it have if someone is a borrower?” (02:38)
  • Cost of interest continues to go higher, creating less consumer discretionary income. (04:20)
  • Bank interest rates (04:55).
  • Bond market (05:58)
  • Federal Reserve, inflation, recession, and interest rates (06:39)
  • How does this impact my stocks and bonds? You have options. (09:30)
  • If intermediate and long-term rates continue to rise, it could negatively impact the stock market. (10:54)
  • Impact of increasing interest rates on traditional, intermediate and long-term bonds (11:50)
  • What can you do now? (13:47)

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