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The WealthCast presents:

HSA’s: Health Savings Accounts


This week’s podcast is hosted by co-owner, Jason MacGregor and Cory Laird, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. This episode is focused on Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Our hosts will talk about who is eligible as well as the pros and cons.

Show Notes

  • Who is eligible? (01:06)
  • High deductible plan. (01:27)
  • Catch up provision differences. (02:40)
  • Cool features of these accounts. (02:55)
  • Options if your employer does not offer a HSA. (04:16)
  • Does it make sense for your family? (06:00)
  • Portability of HSA. (6:30)
  • FSA – what does this mean? (07:30)
  • What happens when I sign up for Medicare? (08:39)
  • Qualified medical expenses. (10:25)
  • Positives and pitfalls of the account. (11:18)
  • Tax free growth. (13:00)
  • Publication IRS/ Publication 969 and Publication 502. (14:57)

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