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The WealthCast presents:

How Are Social Security Benefits Calculated?


This week’s podcast is hosted by co-owner, Jason MacGregor and Cory Laird, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Today’s topic talks about how social security benefits are calculated. Although Social Security is a broad topic, our hosts aim to answer questions and concerns surrounding Social Security.

Show Notes

  • While you’ve been working as an employee, you’ve been paying into payroll tax system. (01:04)
  • AIME – Average Indexed Monthly Earnings. (02:13)
  • Getting close to retirement and increasing income. Worth it? (04:05)
  • Advice to our listeners. (05:10)
  • Spousal benefits – what can you do and not do with these benefits? (05:50)
  • Additional working can have a large effect. How will this impact your retirement plan? (06:30)
  • If you work for 36 years, they drop off the low income. (07:20)
  • Pension systems. (08:12)
  • Your social security could be higher depending on how it is calculated. (08:55)

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