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The WealthCast presents:

Beneficiary Designations


This week’s podcast is hosted by co-owner, Jason MacGregor and Cory Laird, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. In this episode our hosts will specifically cover how to manage beneficiary designations.

Show Notes

  • Retirement accounts – IRAs, 40Ks, Roths, and 403Bs. (01:18)
  • “What is a contingent beneficiary?” (02:07)
  • A contingent beneficiary can be updated and changed at any time. (02:50)
  • PSA: Verify who your beneficiaries are periodically. (03:33)
  • Non-retirement accounts. (04:16)
  • TOD – Transfer On Death. (05:03)
  • TOD supersedes your will. (06:55)
  • You can always make changes. (08:00)
  • Coordinate with your attorney. (08:40)
  • Downsides of having a TOD designation on all your accounts. (10:10)
  • Overview of the importance of beneficiary designations. (12:00)

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